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IIVET Institute Sponsored By “Education Live Foundation” Delhi (A Charitable Education Trust) An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Accredited from Government of NCT Delhi (Regd. No. 4063) Under An Act 1882 Section 60 Govt. of India

Vocational Education

Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (Eligibility 8th, 10th, 10+2)

1 Year

Trade/General Tools and Measuring Instrument, Fundamentals, Refrigeration System, Pressure-Temperature, Relation Superheat and Sub cooling, Compressor, Condenser, Cooling Tower, Liquid Receiver, Refrigerant Control Valve, Evaporator, Control and Pressure Safety, Refrigerants, Air-Conditioning, Lubricants, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Electrical and Electronic, Appendix, Basic Science and Calculation, Engineering Drawing, English, Drawing


Diploma in Electrical Technician   (Eligibility 10th, 10+2)

1 Year

For an Electrical Technician, the academic program lays stress on a deep understanding of electrical networks and devices of electromagnetic field theory, electrical energy converters, electrical energy distribution systems etc. For an electronics Technician program focuses on electronic network and devices, subjects such as electromagnetic field theory, computer fundamentals as also their protection, communication and control systems.


Diploma in Electronics  & Communication Technician (Eligibility 10th, 10+2)

1 Year

However, the electronics Technician or communication Technician work with devices that use extremely small amounts of power such as micro processors, fiber optics etc. Microwave Technician use electromagnetic energy in forms such as radio waves or light to produce radar, communications, and fiber optics systems. Communications and signal processing involves the transmission and processing of information such as in CD players and high definition TV. Electrical Technician also design and implement automatic control systems such as airplane guidance and autopilot systems.


Diploma in Mobile & Laptop Repairing Course (Eligibility 10th, 10+2)

6 Month’s

History of Mobile Phone, GSM & CDMA Structure & Generation of Mobile Phone, Frequency & Channels, GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared, Wi-Fi, SIM, & IMEI, Mobile Phone Assembly & Disassembly, Electronic Components Overview, Chip Level Soldering & De-soldering Mobile Phone Complete Software Repairing.
Laptop Basic, Partitioning, Formatting, Window Installation(Windows 98, XP SP1,2,3,Vista), Driver Installation, Application Installation, Part of Laptop Laptop assembly & Disassembly, Basic Electronics, Chip Level Practical (Using Solder iron, SMD Machine, IRDA, SMD  Machine), Troubleshooting, Service Centre Class.


Diploma in Fashion Technology Cutting, Tailoring and Dress Making (Eligibility 10+2)

1 Year

Fashion sketching Design Ideas & Co-ordination,  Basic Designing,  History of Costumes,  Textile Science,  Embroidery,  Drafting & Paper Pattern,  Garment Construction,  Range Development and Project work,  Computer Aided Designing


Diploma in Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing  (Eligibility 10+2)

06 Months

Basic and Advanced Beauty Culture,   Knowledge  About Collagen and Microdermabrasin (Theory),  Basic and advanced Hair Dressing  Additionals  Extra Workshop  Saloon management & Client handling,  English conversation,  Personality Development,  Personal grooming,  Etiquette's & Social Manners,  Maintenance of Records & Registers,   Practical as and when decided, One Months Practical Training in Parlours


Diploma in Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations & Human Resource Management (Eligibility 10+2)

06 Months

Advertising Theory, Advertising Management, Mass Media, Business Correspondence, Creative, Basic Design, Practical (Manual + Computerised), Practical (Manual + Computerised) Project and Presentations, Human Resource Management, Public Relation, Principles of Management, Practicals.


Honours Diploma in Secretarial Practice & Office Management (Eligibility 10+2)

06 Months

Shorthand, Typewriting, Secretarial Practice, Office Management, Business Correspondence, English Conversation, General Knowledge,  Computer Application, Steno- Typing, Public Relation Management